Aerial photography

Aerial photography and filming

Take off with us. Aerial photography provides unique perspectives of the world around us. It allows you to take stunning photos from higher altitudes, inaccessible places, from a greater distance and with more detail. Aerial photography has become increasingly popular in recent years, as drones have become more available and affordable. We use the latest and most advanced equipment on the market! It provides us with possibilities such as following moving subjects, taking panorama photos, timelapse recording, night photography and recording "the smallest details" with a telephoto lens. This cannot be achieved with traditional photography.

Want to provide a different perspective? Show it with an aerial photo. We can help you, contact us.

Photography of real estate and architecture

Aerial real estate photography is used to show real estate from a specific perspective, giving potential buyers a comprehensive view of the property and its surroundings. Aerial photography of architecture includes objects such as skyscrapers, bridges, residential buildings, historical and other structures. With this, we enable the display of the entire building, which emphasizes the various details and characteristics of the building.

Aerial photography of events

Photographing events from the air can be extremely attractive and exciting. Whether it's an event, festival or sporting event, aerial photography provides authentic perspectives and impressive photos.

Photography of tourist destinations and landscapes

Aerial photography offers an interesting way to present tourist destinations and landscapes, capturing the natural beauty of the region while providing valuable context and information for visitors. These can be national parks, coastal regions, mountains and more. Whether used in marketing materials, travel guides or social media posts, aerial photos can inspire people to explore future destinations and take new trips.

Filming and video production

Aerial video production provides stunning visuals and a unique perspective for a wide range of industries and projects. Examples of this are commercials, documentaries, music videos and more. Watch the video portfolio here.

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